Awakening the Jaguar Woman in You

Guided by
Jennifer Monterroso
Jaguar Medicine Woman
9 I’x Chumil ( 9 Jaguar Morning Star)

This activation is dedicated to all women who are ready to claim their WORTH and SACREDNESS.  Women who want to awaken and align with their inner power and remember their original wisdom. 

Awakening the Jaguar woman in YOU is dedicated to honor the sacred feminine Energy.  A 9 month gestation journey for the TOO MUCH woman that is hiding her too muchness.

I will guide you on a sacred journey of awakening the Jaguar Woman in You.  This is an initiation journey into the Mayan path, for women to recover their feminine wisdom and the regrowth of the roots that nourish it. 

This is not a journey which takes place in your head but in your heart.  

Together we will claim your inner power and move from wounds to your deepest worth and ROAR! 

I am calling 13 women to participate

This is for the Too Much Women

9 months journey

We will awaken the archetype of The Jaguar Woman in you

Guided by the ancient wisdom of the Mayan.

It takes place online through zoom

Private group on Facebook

9 group meetings/ 1 each month

Price EUR 3,000

9 Payments of 333 Euro monthly

Upgrade to One to One

One call a month of 50 minutes

Price 5,000 EUR

9 payments of 555 EUR Monthly

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