The Art of Heart Magic


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Date: 7th of April 2022
Time : 6:00 – 7:00 pm (GMT +2) Europe Central summer time 

Via zoom 

The Art of Heart Magic is a Masterheart event that will uncover the most unique and authentic vision of your heart.     It is so often that we allow our thoughts to take the power in the decision that we make because of the fear we may have of following our raw and tender heart.  Sometimes we do it because the access to our heart is covered by hardness and fears from previous experiences.  In this event I will show you the key that melts this wall so that you can  begin to open your heart to the magic of life.  

In this Masterheart event you will learn how to align your mind with your heart’s will. And melt the wall around it, so that you can begin to open you heart to the magic of life.  

When we melt the wall around our heart we will be able to show what lives in there and speak our truth more freely.  The outcome will be that more love and truth can move through it.  

You will be able to connect your mind with your heart and your reality by  creating a bridge between them, so that they can communicate and eventually  allow your heart’s vision to guide your life. 

You will gain the ability to stay in your heart and operate from there. 

At this event you will learn how  to shine the light into your heart, for you to fall in love with yourself and your vision.  

The key for accessing your heart’s Magic is simple and I will share it with you in a way that will feel easy, fun and accessible for you.   

You will leave with an open heart and the will to let your heart  manifest its magic into your life. 

The Art of Heart Magic is my art and my gift to you!

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Heart Magic”

  1. Virginia McaseyVirginia

    Hola! You are blooming the real deal brave one!
    I have done a bit of study ( Mayan cosmology) and I am grateful for your wisdom and movement to awaken women. I feel a bit of calling there too. My Mayan dignature is 10 Chicchan . I live in california.
    I know serpent snd Jaguar are partners. I would like to study more with you dear one.

    1. Hello Virginia I answered on a different e mail but I wanted to say thanks for your uplifting and supportive message. There are different ways you can study with me. I invite you to schedule a free clarity call here on my website so that we can talk about which of my offers is more beneficial for you since you already have some knowledge. Hope to talk to you soon .

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    I registered for the Art of Heart Magic over an hour ago. A little late, sorry. But I have not received the link yet. Can I still get the link? Has the event started?
    I really wish to join this class. 🙂

    Love from Inga

    1. Hello Inga

      I am so happy you finally made it, I loved that you where part of this event. I will be sending the link for the for the replay today so you can see the beginning as well.

      Thank you for being part of this awakening !

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