” 20 days of alignment “

A Mayan Time Capsule

Sacred Journey

Sacred Journeys

10 years ago I began a dream of becoming a professional tour guide in my home country Guatemala.  I did it with the intention of connecting the beautiful places in nature with my knowledge about the Mayan Cosmology.   I created the Mayan Time Capsule sacred Journeys.  A 20 days journey aligned with the 20 sacred energies of the Mayan Sacred Calendar.  An activation and invitation into remembering our spirit.  Every tour has been meant to be and an original experience . Every time I have had offered one its because I hear the voice from my heart that tells me, know its the time.  Even though we travel to places, the most important journey is within.  I am a Mayan Cosmic Guide of the sacred time and space.  

I will guide you into finding something beautiful and powerful that lives inside of you and me.  Its an invitation to travel into sacred time.     

Follow your heart



  • Simone Baltus

    Simone Baltus

    Netherlands / Norway “I feel those 20 days passed by with great joy and with lots of beautiful experiences.We traveled from the south to the north in Peten, where we visited several old historical Maya sites, so as Tikal . All the tours we did were perfectly and very professional guided by our tour guide Jennifer,…

  • Monica Gjesdal

    Monica Gjesdal

    Norway¬† “The summer of 2019 I did a great decision for my life! I decided to go with Jennifer and her family on The Mayan Time Capsule tour. The time was ready! I understand now that it was on a way overtime! I  had a wish to extend myself in my personal life. I was quite…

  • Monika Pausch

    Monika Pausch

    Austria¬† “Hello everybody – listen – because I have to tell you something: one day, on facebook – a medium, I do not realy like – I saw the post from Jennifer. She wrote about a travel to Guatemala. She named it: The Mayan Time Capsule – what is this, I thought? But this post…