The Cholq’ij Mayan Sacred Calendar

The Cholq’ij or Mayan sacred calendar, is the ceremonial calendar as well as the Human being.  It is made of  260 days, which is equivalent to the 9 months of gestetation of a human being in the mothers womb.   It  has 2 main wheels interconnected, one with the 20 nawales or energies and one wheel with the 13 numbers.   It has two main applications, the first: it locates moments for collective activities; the second: it has an individual application to identify the natural behavior or the way of being of the people through their nawal or birth sign an it speaks about the basic psychological traits, blessings and challenges each person is born with.  It also reveals ones purpose and mission  in life.  

This calendar was configured from the movements that the moon makes in its orbit around the earth. Just as the agricultural or solar AbĀ“ calendar of 365 days is configured based on the movement of the earth around the sun and is identified as masculine energy. On the other hand, the Cholq’ij or sacred calendar is considered feminine energy, Due to its relationship with the movements of the moon and because of the influence that this celestial body exerts on the feminine organisms of nature and human beings.  It is here to assist us in the awakening of our consciousness and to guide us into our souls purpose.  Here are the 20 nawales. 

What time were you born?