Keeping the Sacred Fire alive 

Jennifer Lynn Monterroso


Hello and welcome. My name is Jennifer Monterroso and I am the creator of The Mayan Time Capsule.  I believe that my healing journey through the Mayan ancient wisdom can inspire and ignite in you, the process for healing   yourself. At the right time in anyone's life appears that person that has the love, compassion and the knowledge to create a safe space and activate this process in you. I don't believe in coincidences and if you are reading these words I know we have been guided to find each other. The truth is that I needed to heal myself, and in 2008 I found the Mayan elders and healers in my home country Guatemala. I began my healing journey with  the wisdom of their sacred calendar called the "Cholqi'j" and by their Sacred Fire ceremony. That was the turning point in my life. I was invited into the Mayan world and with time I was initiated as a Mayan Time Keeper and a Spiritual Guide. After that, all the pieces of the puzzle of my life began to find its right place and I was renewed. My heart was touched by this beautiful sacred fire and the Mayan people. I found the right path for me and by healing my self and awakening my consciousness I became a Jaguar Medicine woman. I found my mission in life and the courage to live a life full of love, fulfillment and freedom. I am here to share this ancient wisdom with you so you can heal and awaken your true powers to live a life in which you can thrive. 

The Mayan Time Capsule is a seed of love and wisdom ready to be planted in your heart for  you to  see it bloom. 

 Spiritual Guidance 

The answers live inside of you, I will guide you to find them.