WAYEB 5 days out of time


Let’s celebrate and align with the time out of time called Wayeb.  It is the small month of 5 days dedicated to purify our energy, our thoughts, our body.  It is called time out of time because it’s 5 days where the nawales take a vacation and it is us who need to take care of the time.  It is a time to do our ceremonies and keep the sacred fire alive.


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At the end of each solar year, during February, the Mayas honor five days as being “outside” all regular time. These days are dedicated to bring all disharmonious things back into balance and are called Wayeb. During these days, the twenty nawales symbolically withdraw from all worldly affairs, as do all conscious human beings. Both restrain from dealing much with their normal lives, instead spending extra time in meditation around the sacred fire. The goal is to evaluate their past doings and prepare for a better future.

During this time-period, it is wise to be extra cautious about what you do. It is advisable to spend as much time as possible in close contact with your soul, perhaps around a sacred Mayan fire, in order to better “see” those past patterns of behavior which you can let go of. By doing this, a bright future too will arise, with your life as its birth-place.

During Wayeb, the solar Aab-calendar of 360-days changes its year-bearer, meaning that one of four nawales will rest so that the next can take charge of time during a new solar year. The four year-bearers are nawal E, Noj, Iq and Kej, respectively representing the path, the wisdom, the wind and the deer.

This year we will  be the turn for the year bearer 10 Kej to rest and pass the responsibility to nawal 11E or path.

This next year will be about walking our spiritual path.  It’s time to walk our talk and come back to creating your heart’s path.   The one that is meant fo you to forge.  It all starts in one step.  E is inviting us to take action in anything that has been still in the realm of our thoughts and desires and finally go for it.  An invitation fo traveling specially to energetically charged places

Wayeb is for us to clear our minds to find out where do we really want to go in our lives.

This event will take place trhough Zoom everyday at 10:00 am Oslo time.   We understand the difference of time zones so we will record our meetings and send them out to you daily so you can connect with us and receive the guidance.

Itinerary :

February 14 / 6 Kej   Opening ceremony, information on Wayeb, storytelling and an invocation.  We gives thanks to Nawal Kej for guiding us in the past year.

February 15 / 7 Q’anil.  We will plant the seeds of what we wish to see grow.   We will also give to the Mother Earth our worries, pains, problems to the Earth so she can help us recycle it and prepare the ground for the new sprouts.

February 16th / 8 Toj  We will give our offering to the sacred fire by sharing with you a proper Mayan Fire Ceremony.  The sacred fire is the hospital, where we heal our life.

February 17th / 9 Tz’i. We will regain our inner authority as well as the love for our selves.  Be clear on what is a YES for us and what is NO and have the clarity and confidence to listen.

February 18th / 10 B’atz’ We will take the time to create with our words, the world we wish to manifest in our reality.  Maybe play some music and honor the sacred art we hold inside of us and invite it to come out and play.

February 19th / we receive the new energy of 11 E .  Mayan fire ceremony to ask for permission to walk and to open our path in front of us.