Spiritual Guidance

I know we all carry the answers we are looking for inside of us. I will help you and guide you to find them.  I will work with you to get clear by remembering your spirit to re-direct your life force so that you can to take the right actions and steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams, get rid off limiting beliefs, and remove obstacles.  This is a 2 hour session. It can be recorded on your request and sent to you.   I am here for you !  We all can achieve clarity, peace and happiness in our lives.  See you soon !

200.00 €


Barbara Zelenko

"I am sitting here in my little heaven on a day of Ajpu.  I am sitting here with all that I am and that which I am not, all I can see with my eyes and all there is invisible to me. I see clearly, now.I just finished my first coaching session with amazing mayan time keeper Jennifer Monterroso and her precious The Mayan Time Capsule, is a journey into Mayan teachings, a Journey of The Heart. It is a healing session with an amazing woman who's Heart is wide open and space she holds a safe and beautiful place full of ancient wisdom. She is a Mayan Fire keeper.Thank you, dear Jennifer for a guidance and support. Thank you for sharing your passion and keeping the fire alive! 

In Lak'ech ala kin.