Simone Baltus

Netherlands / Norway

“I feel those 20 days passed by with great joy and with lots of beautiful experiences.We traveled from the south to the north in Peten, where we visited several old historical Maya sites, so as Tikal . All the tours we did were perfectly and very professional guided by our tour guide Jennifer, her knowledge about the Mayan culture is infinity. We experienced several Mayan fire ceremonies, a traditional Lakota sweatlodge and a traditional temazcal, both beautiful and healing.And most of all we had lots of fun.
Enough time to explore by oneself, swim, walk on the beach or shopping, you name it.  Beside all the different experiences like traveling and seeing the country of Guatemala, the connection with the locals, the ceremony keepers etc, was also the oneness of the group.  Like strangers for each other we started the tour and during the days of the tour we became as a caring family for each other.  A fantastic way of learning to understand and open your heart for each other.   Jennifer is a great guide, teacher, ceremony keeper and person. Together with her husband Sondre and daughter Lea they make the perfect combination to travel with, which I recommend from my heart. Thanks for a unforgettable time my friends

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