Monica Gjesdal


“The summer of 2019 I did a great decision for my life! I decided to go with Jennifer and her family on The Mayan Time Capsule tour. The time was ready! I understand now that it was on a way overtime! I  had a wish to extend myself in my personal life. I was quite sure that this tour would give me a good time, but I didn’t know how the tour would give new aspects of life and touch to me in my daily life!  Jennifer-is a wise strong woman that has an enlightened personality or quality! She has the ability and knowledge to do a connection with the energies or the spirit of the universe; and she delivered it philosophical and psychological to the group. I felt that she is dedicated for this tour; she gave of her whole heart. She gave us the 20 days of consciousness that the Mayan have in their Nawales.  20 days of good communications and challenging myself in different talks and in being in the group. Everyday a new study time, everyday some new philosophical, psychological and spiritually adventures and achievements. All this combined with carefully planned destinations, with a lot of beautifully meetings with people and happenings. Monica is here, back in Norway, but she will never forget, and she is forever grateful to Jennifer that made this happened! I would never been the same person as I am now without!   Love from Monica

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