Monika Pausch


“Hello everybody – listen – because I have to tell you something: one day, on facebook – a medium, I do not realy like – I saw the post from Jennifer. She wrote about a travel to Guatemala. She named it: The Mayan Time Capsule – what is this, I thought? But this post was shared from a man I knew from my last travel to Guatemala, and so I thought, this must be o.k. – and: it was more than that – it was not only o.k., it was great!!! Jennnifer is a very powerful woman who burns for her vision to share her knowledge about the Mayan Culture! She had the special possibility to learn directly from Indiginous Mayan Elders! She received the gift to assist them in many ceremonies and travels – so her knowledge was growing – but not only her knowledge – also her wisdom! So I had wonderful and inspiring days on this journey! I learned a lot about the Mayan Calender and about me – and we saw a lot of this soooo beautiful country! So, thanks for reading my experiences until here and decide to take part on Jennifers next Mayan Time Capsule Sacred Journey !!!

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